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Chelsea claims when she invented the Schmop, she only had $5.99 and a Magic 8 Ball to help her make business decisions. George Washington Carver Community School Liz immediately demanded them not to look at her, while the Manager went into her well-practiced spiel on exactly who her client was. When Chelsea, replies that was not a question, Bertha simply adds "Does it?" Jamie Appearance On the day of Dylan's birthday party, atop the roof of 352 Hauser Avenue, Camille tells the group to set up faster because the guests are arriving soon, as they have just finished their nap time. Eye color Booker sarcastically notes that it does look like fun and just when Curtis attempts to hand over the vape pen to Booker, Mr. Clark arrives on the scene. I mean, you're not serious. Hair color Convinced that his parents were too preoccupied caring only for his newborn sister, to notice anything he did, Andrew decided to leave his home and live with his grandmother. Male Delaney was the founder and president of the George Washington Carver Community School Conservation Crew. Leslie and Jasmine are the first to sample Booker's "Dragon Sushi." The Baxters Get Bounced When Chelsea cut her finger, Darnell said "let me see that. Bailey explains that even if they knew where they were, getting on and off a boat while at sea, is impossible. The trio then attempts a new simpler strategy, starting out with a rap version of the nursery song, "The Muffin Man." Enemies

NFL Network's Cynthia Frelund highlights three wide receivers who are poised to make a big leap in 2020. ", Joachim Powell previously appeared as *LJ Webb" in the.

Raven steps up and unmasks what she dubs the "Mitchidorken," as just an ordinary boy, whom the others recognize as someone named "Mitch."

Appearance She later sells 352 Hauser Avenue to Richard Moseley. Levi claims not being able to see anything, which Travis takes as a good sign as Levi should avoid at all cost walking into the light. Black She also compliments Peggy's costume as well. Entering the room, Travis envisions three pale dusty figures and immediately declares that they are ghosts, heedlessly bumping off the walls as he runs away. I should fire you for that. Carnie When Ms. Pittman organizes auditions for the Carver morning announcements, she is so taken by the Baxter-Carter twins adorable appearance of showing up in matching outfits, that she selects them both, deciding to call the live streaming segment "The Carver Corner Commentary with the Baxter-Carter Twins."

Power begins encouraging Raven to dance with her, and the kids then ask to take Power with them, which is fine with Kema, as she gets paid either way.

The other boy vehemently denies that, but adds he cannot help if Danni is catching feelings for Booker. Thus Bailey is not surprised when Chelsea approaches her sometime later, and states that she is leaving the cruise.

George Washington Carver Community School Having new insight into what made Chelsea Grayson her idol in the first place, Bailey understandingly lets her go, and wishes Chelsea and her family well after they part ways in Miami. Flex carefully steps over the redhead in the midst of her (non-regulation) push ups and explains the venue now combines the relaxation of a spa with a military diet and exercise regimen. When the councilwoman asks what Nia is doing in her room, the young girl claims to have an explanation.

However, Meg seems less than impressed. He did not share emotional mother Raven's enthusiasm,  when the girls apparently experienced a touching bonding moment while scaling the wall, and merely concentrated on his job of keeping the pair of friends safe. Andy Bustillo Really? Appears in Production Matt Corboy

Appearance While Chelsea voiced her hope that her family might someday develop a taste for turnip juice, Killian advised her to eat her food before it got away.

Camille Henry was played by Ellee Jo Trowbridge. Affiliations Antonella Rose

Student Student

Cooper in. Because Blue While looking around the small space, she discovers a secret door hidden behind some boxes.

The host, Chris Spring-Lake, introduces her as recently divorced, sad, lonely, and in need of lifestyling. Eye color

Chelsea cackles and the idea, momentarily alarming Margaret revealing she is rather a life coach.

He goes on to experiment with the range of the passenger seat headrest, raising and lowering it several times until it pops out into his hands. Eye color Affiliations Brown Once everyone arrived, Principal Kwan allowed Mrs. Mutesa to speak first. After being assured that Booker is close by, LaTonya takes Lil' Z  to get his hair and makeup done. Hair color

After getting over-heated, he demanded, and was let out of the Scüt vehicle immediately. Student Pump-Fake is so moved by the scene, that he emotionally embraces Booker.

The casting department instructed potential applicants to "GIVE US 30 SECONDS OF YOUR BEST DANCE MOVES!'.

Eye color

BurtonNatalieLittle PeteLeroy Tracy Male Lawrence was played by Cleo Berry. "Plaintiff Chelsea Grayson is suing her ex-husband Garrett Grayson. The plaintiff immediately follows up on the previous statement by claiming her ex-husband also stole her "money, heart, and twenties." This is the second character named "Peggy" to appear in the series, the previous one, also a resident of 352 Hauser Avenue, was an older lady that. Sensing the tide turning against him, William claims that just because he has a vape pen now, doesn't prove that Booker did not have a vape pen then. Dream Moms Passenger Power was played by Somali Rose. However, Miss Bertha, one of the most vocal passengers on the cruise, still demands how any of that will make her rich. I jack up your rent. Production Relationships School But Chels falters blaming the curse again, she asks Rae to leave her behind and tell her story and make it sound heroic. Maren was a resident of Chicago, and also the owner and namesake of Maren's Mocha. Hair color The 3 Go's laugh among themselves, amused by Booker's predicament until Kwan also calls for the "Mutesa twins and that other one," and the trio swiftly follow in Booker's footsteps.

Chicago First Episode

In the cafeteria, Quatro sees along with the Principal, Booker and his mom, his own mother is waiting.

Pump-Fake then hands Booker the mic, while gleefully shouting out his name. Portrayed by Unnamed mother

Eye color

Occupation When  Antoine asked who was actually going to take the picture, Booker screamed to Chelsea Grayson to hurry over to the camera. Mr. Clark donated some items to Nia, Tess, and Danni's clothing drive in. Raven reminds Kema that she is a Scüt driver not "Mariah Hairy."

Portrayed by Male

Margaret proves her point by heading home wearing her new Ravenous Fashions outfit. Roz Ryan had previously played "Grandma Gayle King," on. Appearance


La (by everyone)

Eye color

Brenda was played by Nina Millin.

The script implies Sheridan was a poor dancer. Booker then claims he heard something, and challengers the ghost to show herself.

There he discovers, among the rest of the refuse within the trash dumpster, what appears to be a giant replica of the right hand of a gorilla,  His mind filling with images of his newfound find serving as the basis of an awesome catapult, Wally rescues the object from the bin and learns that while certainly unwieldy, his hairy discovery was surprisingly lightweight. Pars, France Brown

Eunetta High (while in Chicago) He tracks the smell to across the hall to  Booker's sister Nia's room, where he finds the girls with a plate of cookies and asks if they have another. Watch the highlights from the Week 16 matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns. Portrayed by General

Black Curtis tries to assume a nonchalant air as he attempts to demonstrate his vaping technique, but his clumsy, coughing  efforts only amuses William and Jordan.

He's stepping into Ronnie Stanley's huge shoes, but Orlando Brown Jr. feels he's ready for the left tackle job. General

Appearance Realizing that she is still clad in clown gear, Diane apologizes for the poor first impression, but a nearly hysterical Raven only can mutter that there is a clown in her home. Yet before Wally can join his friends within, he is distracted by the aroma of freshly baked cookies, and leaves to investigate the source.


Brown The script named her mother as "Dreamweaver II.". Resides in Appearance The judge mocks both Grayson's impertinence and accent to his Bailiff.

Booker continues his belittling taunt until his own mother pinches him into silence. Appearance The other woman still objects, pointing out she saw seaweed wraps, facial masks, and what-nots on the webpage. General Graying Black


Relationships "It's the highest demand for any single Ravens player that I've ever seen – and I've done this for the Ravens for 11 years," said Ravens Senior Director of Retail Chris Inouye. The Sixth Grader was played by Nathan Blair. Eye color

While shaking the pain out of his wrist, a second seatbelt eerily crosses over his other side, on its own accord, securely holding him in place. Romances

However, when Raven and Chelsea hold a meeting to organize a neighborhood watch group for the building, Mr. Clark attends. Mr. Arthur was the proprietor of the Bray Avenue location of Radio E-Clips by Chris Spring-Lake. Faking modesty, Jared asks how will he do in Friday's game.

The principal then arranged for a conference between the students concerned as well as their mothers.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Marquise 'Hollywood' Brown jukes defenders deep in Washington Football Team territory for a 33-yard gain. After the door has closed, Mr. Clark insists that they will still discuss the matter later, before heading downstairs back to his apartment full of cats. ', Are you brushing me off? Fireman Alexandre Her 3 key attributes for good leadership were: Nia was her partner in an exercise of sitting together for an hour of total silence. Sleevemore Part One: Frozen Portrayed by During the party, Leslie becomes acquainted with the Baxter's neighbor, Tess O'Malley.

Affiliations Friends Jax Jackson was a buyer for Eternally 16, a chain of over 200 youth-oriented apparel stores in eleven countries, considering adding Ravenous Fashions to its client list of merchandise suppliers. Jared Brown Resides in Cop To It Peggy (mother)

Booker still confronts the group, demanding to know why they are messing with him, as he thought things were cool between them. Dava Z Preferring to provide for his clientele as complete a program as possible, Sergeant Flex headed for the registration desk to find his latest charges. Nerdidorken was played by Nhut Le. Coach Spitz quickly dismisses him, and Booker was next in line to try out for the part. However, Brenda is allowed to continue her night at the Vault, while the Bouncer leads Raven and Chelsea to the exit. Male Mechanic Eye color

Antoine "The Dunker" Decker was a member of the National Basketball Association, and the father of Sheridan Decker. Appears in Affiliations Production Nia, the girl, informs her that the Feng Shui of the entire cafe has been thrown off by the couch, as all the blessing are flowing towards the rest rooms, thus the couch should be moved outside.

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    Kino filmas „Matyk kaip aš“ (komedija, filmas rusų kalba su lietuviškais subtitrais).
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    Kino filmas „Meilei dydis nesvarbu“ (komedija, filmas rusų kalba su lietuviškais subtitrais)
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  • Lapkričio 7 d. 14.30 val.
    Kino filmas „Didžapėdžio vaikis 2“ (animacija, filmas dubliuotas rusiškai).
    Bilieto kaina: 4, 5 eur.
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  • Lapkričio 7 d. 17.30 val.
    Kino filmas „Matyk kaip aš“ (komedija, filmas rusų kalba su lietuviškais subtitrais).
    Bilieto kaina: 4, 5 eur.
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  • Lapkričio 7 d. 20 val.
    Kino filmas „Meilei dydis nesvarbu“ (komedija, filmas rusų kalba su lietuviškais subtitrais)
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